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WHEN DO YOU HAVE TIME TO WORK OUT THIS WEEK?  Accessibility and convenience are two of the most common reasons most  do not have a regular exercise regimen. Next is lack of knowledge on how to utilize the equipment and/or the knowledge on the may approaches to getting and staying healthy and fit.Teaching proper form and range of motion will ensure the safety - safety and individualizing programs are paramount. The more clients know about the tools and techniques needed to reshape their bodies and improve quality of life, the more success they will experience.The renewed confidence and rebuilt bodies of our clients is evident in the gym and beyond -  it is LIFE CHANGING!

WHAT ARE YOUR PERSONAL FITNESS GOALS?  The workout is tailored to your personal goals.  Are you trying to reduce inches or lose weight?  Improve your cardiovascular conditioning?  Are you looking to train for a triathlon?  Do you want to increase your flexibility and reduce stiffness? Recover from an injury? Manage a disease?  Refresh and recharge your approach to wellness? Would you like to practice yoga?  Do you need to get back in shape after having a baby? Physique's Trainers design a custom plan for your goals, lifestyle and current conditioning to improve your health and fitness.



Customization! My family and I have worked with Physique Fitness for over 12 years. Physique Trainers have exceptional knowledge of the kinesiology of the human body (movement), and an amazing ability to individualize a personal program based on what is going on with you at the time. Whether it is an injury or just natural aging, Physique Fitness Personal Trainers will develop a program that works for you. As a high level college athlete, Physique Fitness, LLC assisted my son with programs for injury recovery and prevention as well as worked with my wife and I on general fitness and flexibility.

Even though fitness is their priority, Physique Trainers are always fun to work with. Trainers are consummate professionals, punctual, reliable and flexible. I can only offer the highest of recommendation for Physique Fitness, LLC!
Billy Thornton, PhD

For more than twenty years, Physique Fitness, LLC Trainers have helped my husband and me maintain a healthy lifestyle! Physique Fitness, LLC Personal Trainers’ are experts in designing work-out regimens tailored to the specific needs of their clients. Physique Trainers keep me committed not only when I'm healthy, but also following a couple of surgeries. In fact, Physique Trainers are so knowledgeable that I've felt confident asking Physique Trainers to train my family members and even my 100-year old grandmother. The countless friends and family to whom I've recommended Physique Fitness to have also found her to be comprehensive in ascertaining their needs and helping them to accomplish their goals.

Physique Fitness, LLC is well-known in the Atlanta area and has appeared several times on the local Fox television station to discuss exercise and fitness trends. 

Physique Fitness, LLC Personal Trainers hold a high standard of professionalism, uplift in positivity and are dedicated to their clients’ well-being.highly recommend Physique Fitness for any corporate or personal exercise program.
Carolyn Forrest, Attorney FOX TV - Communications & Media Law, Freedom of Speech, Litigation & Appeals 

Physique Fitness Trainers challenge me! and although I know at times I am not the most pleasant person, they maintain a positive attitude and keep me focused. Physique Fitness, LLC strike a great balance between understanding where I am mentally and emotionally yet physically pushes me appropriately - for this I am grateful as I do not think I am an easy client. Physique Fitness, LLC Personal Trainers get to know their clients personally and intimately and know my limitations. Physique Fitness Trainers share in a joint responsibility for my overall physical well-being; and take an interest in me in order for me to truly succeed.  

Overall Physique Trainers are outstanding - all who have had amazing talents and fun personalities - it makes the experience extraordinary! The relationships I developed with my trainers are just as important as the training session.
Annette Tirabasso, Partner Deloitte Consulting's Strategy and Operations 

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